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Piafi Disk Collector

Disk Collector
Catalogues disks, collecting the information about seen on them.

Having 10 disks with the information it is possible to remember, what on them it is written down, and if disks 50-100 or more? Or it is necessary to find on what disk there is a demanded file, it is necessary to insert each disk? No, it is not necessary!

This program will allow to keep the information on files on disks, that in a consequence will facilitate search of the necessary files.

The program supports:

  • Preservation of the information on a file (a name of a file, the catalogue, the size, time of creation)
  • For video of files avi, mov, mpeg, rm, vob will in addition keep the information on the size of video, length of video, will automatically keep a number of the staff of video for more evident visual identification.
  • For audio of files mp3 will in addition keep the information mp3_tag (the name, the actor, an album, year, a genre, the comment), and also time of sounding of a file.
  • For files with images bmp, gif, jpeg, png will in addition keep a small picture for evident identification of a file.
  • For html files will in addition remember heading html pages.
  • For txt files in addition to keep the first lines.
    And all this is made, that the file was easier for finding...

    For import multimedia data it is required established DirectX 9.0с or above.

    For import of the staff from .MOV files it is required to establish QuickTime Alternative the codec.

    For import of the staff from .RM files it is required to establish Real Alternative the codec.

    To load codecs it is possible on link

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